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Harvey Nicole - Buffalo Head 46 T-Shirt

Harvey Nicole - Buffalo Head 46 T-Shirt

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Harvey Nicole, led by the incredible designs of Nathan McCray, is a premium casual wear brand that has a unique take on Native American style, Oklahoma's beautiful landscape and its wildlife. Nathan, who is Native American by decent, uses all of these passions to fuel his creative concepts. His mind's eye is unmistakably Native to Oklahoma.

A very unique design. Grey print on a black shirt. Oklahoma text over the top of a shield. Inside the shield is a buffalo head with two arrows crossed behind. On the forehead of the buffalo is a star with 46 in the middle. This represents Oklahoma becoming the 46th state in the U.S. Feathers hang from the bottom of the shield.

**If you would like to place an order for a shirt that is out of stock please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Our vendor is working hard to get us restocked!**

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